Winter prices



Half Board

Week Offer

12.22 – 12.29

 € 40,00

 € 55,00

€ 330,00

12.29 – 01.06

€ 60,00

 € 85,00

New Year’s Eve

01.06 – 01.24

€ 40,00

€ 55,00

€ 330,00

01.24 – 01.28

 € 60,00

 € 80,00


01.28 – 03. 10

€ 50,00

 € 65,00

€ 390,00

03.10 – 03.31

€ 35,00

 € 50,00

€ 300,00

 04.19 – 02.05

€ 50,00

 € 65,00


The prices are for person per day, with a minimum stay of 3 nights. For a shorter stay we usually add from 10 to 20%.

To the price must be added the tourist tax, which is 2,20€ per day per person (children under 14 don’t pay it) and it must be paid only for the first 10 days of stay.


2,20 EUROS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT and a great opportunity…

For you the “green” holiday is cheaper…

with the small contribute of €2,20 per night

you can travel for free

on the mountain lifts, on the small electronic trains,

buses and shuttles.

Free are also some guided excursions

spectaculare tales

excursions for children with games and tales


museums and castles.


The “Guest Card” is available all year long and offers

the mobility services, free entry to castles and museums,

the shuttles to and from the ski slopes, weekly program with local guides and snow rackets excursions.


Discounts for children

  • 50%  for children under 3 years or with a family offer.
  • 30% for children under 8 years.
  • 20% for children under 12 years.

The discounts for children are applied only if they stay with at least two adults.

In case the children stay with only one adult, we ensure you the 30% discount on the price list.


  • Drinks at the restaurant and at bar are not included in our prices and offers
  • All the reservations made via e-mail are confirmed by the hotel owner with an e-mail or a phone call and then by the client with a confirm deposit that protect the client for the reserved stay and the hotel owner for the no shows.
  • Reservations made by phone will be confirmed by e-mail or by letter by the hotel owner and signed by the client.
  • For earlier departures all the nights reserved must be paid.
  • In case of cancellation the hotel owner can keep the deposit, let the client use it in case of an another reservation, ask for a refund of the first night in case a deposit was not been asked.

Bank account details:
EU IBAN IT 79 W081 8435 8400 0000 1040 785