The story of our hotel

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Everything began with a special grandmother

I remember my grandmother as an optimal house boss that passed us down the love for this profession.

I remember how much she made feel every guest special, how she set the house up with love, the same love she put in everything she did; a tasty apple strudel, a polenta with stew, mushrooms and cheese, a particular roast with a gravy that i used to call “golden gravy”. She had a smile and a kind word for everyone, she used to stay in the garden chatting with Mrs. Giorgina.

I remember Mr. Bruno coming in the kitchen and making the polenta, Roberto taking care of the vegetables garden with all the other women that used to take care of the flowers.

I have a lot of memories when I was a little girl and I used to spend my vacations with my granmother, learning a lot of things.

It’s twenty years I do this job full time and every day I try to do what she taught me.

My client must spend a peaceful and happy holiday in Fiemme Valley e feel cuddled from me and my collaborators, wake up with the perfume of a home made cake, taste a delicious croissant with a warm “Good Morning”, feel pampered by our chef with tasty and typical food of our region,enjoy my mother’s home made desserts.

More cuddle in our Spa, relax in the garden, some card game, a tour with the bike along the river or the cycle path.

This is the atmosphere we used to breathe with my grandmother, and is the same atmosphere we have now: it’s like beeing home, you will feel loved.

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